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Price: $ 168.00

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The Kill Switch GPS Tracker is a real time GPS Tracking Device that installs behind the dashboard. The GPS Tracker is hard wired into the vehicle and installs behind the dashboard. The Kill Switch GPS is completely hidden and a viable alternative to the other types of GPS trackers GPS Tracking Tracker offers.


The Kill Switch relay allows the ignition to be disabled remotely from any location. The Kill Switch relay will prevent theft and unauthorized access to your vehicle. Just disable the ignition remotely if you feel that your ignition needs to be turned off.


The following diagram will provide instructions to install the Kill Switch GPS tracker.

Compact GPS vehicle tracking device that is used for a wide range of applications.  Features real-time location, speed, starts / stops, route, direction, mileage, and more. Internal alerts notify of excessive idle, speeding, unauthorized, use and more. Ultra-powerful, self-contained GPS device with built-in antenna. Highly accurate and dependable. Easy wire-in installation; fits virtually anywhere. Works in all vehicles.  Works with our optional Starter Disable Relay. 

Wired-In GPS specification:

• Receiver 16 channel

• Receiver Sensitivity -158 dBm

• Accuracy +/- 2.5m CEP

• Cold Start <38 sec (@ 45 dB C/N)

• Hot Start < 3 sec (@45 dB C/N)

Network Functionality

• Auto-Register to GPRS network

• GPRS Class B, Multi-Slot 10

• Supports TCP, UDP and FTP

• OTA Firmware Upgrade Using FTP

• SMS connectivity

Power Requirement

• D.C Power 10-16V

• GSM 850 23 mA average @12V

• GSM 1900 20mA average @12V

Physical Connection

• Power and input/output 14 pin Micro Fit Connector

• Optional GPS Antenna SMA female


Case Material ABS plastic

Dimensions 2.0” X 1.8” X 1”

Weight <2 oz.

Operating Temperature -30°C to +75°C

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