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OBD II GPS Y cable splitter

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Price: $ 39.00

Product Description

The Y Cable is an extended cable that is used to conceal the OBD ii tracker, while at the same time keep the port open in case it needs to be serviced. Just pop the OBD ii port out of the vehicle and replace thet port with one of the female ends of the cable. Plug the original port and the OBD ii tracker into the other two ends of the Y Cable.

OBD II cable splitter, signal splitter.
Allows two devices to be connected simultaneously.
High-quality materials give the cable superior flexibility and durability.
Compatible diagnostic tools with a 16 pin socket.

Head type: OBD2
Car side: Straight J1962 male
Device side: Dual straight J1962 female
Wire: 16 Pin-to-Pin
Extension length: 30 CM

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