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OBD II GPS Vehicle Tracker

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Price: $ 139.00

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ALL vehicles model year 1996 and newer have an
 OBD II style data port located near the base of the steering column inside your car. Simply locate this port in your vehicle, plug in the OBD GPS and you're done!  No wires, no antenna, this tracker literally installs in seconds!  Never worry about battery life again.

The OBD ii GPS tracker is a real time vehicle GPS trackin device. The OBD ii tracker installs within seconds and runs off the car itself. The OBD ii tracker is inconspicuous and even has additional accessories to conceal it.


The OBD ii port is located directly underneath the steering column of the vehicle. All vehicles manufactured after 1996 are required to have an OBD ii port inside the vehicle.


The OBD ii GPS tracker plugs directly into the OBD ii port. The tracker requires no installation and will provide real time tracking.

Updating every 1-Minute, this GPS tracker is perfect for fleet vehicle tracking or locating your teenager who borrowed your car. With our $29.95 monthly monitoring service and no annual contract, this GPS tracker is the best value on the market.

View Real-Time Location, Speed and Driving Habits. 

Plugs in within 5 seconds. Updates every 60 seconds. 

View Routes Taken, Slow Motion Replay, Breadcrumb Trail. 

See Mileage Driven, Virtual Odometer. 

Create Unlimited Online Perimeters or Zones.

Receive Text or Email Alerts (if desired) for Excessive Speed, Safe Arrival & Departure, 
Fast Acceleration, Slamming on Brakes, Entering Unauthorized Areas, Unauthorized Use Times, 
Ignition On/Off .

Online, Easy to Read Reports 
 View Driving Habits Such As; 
Fast Acceleration, Hard Braking, High RPM's (revving). 

View 1 Year of Trip History At Your Fingertips.

Lower Insurance Rates possible. 

Simple, Easy-To-Use and State-of-the-Art.  No Installation, No Tools, No Wires, No Antennas, 
No Programming or Software to Purchase or Install.   
 Works on any Mac, PC, iPad or Smartphone Works on All Browsers. 
 24/7 Access Anywhere.  Small Size 2" X 1.5" X .5" 
Weighs Less Than 2 Ounces

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