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Our Micro Tracker is a pocket-sized device which helps protect your child whenever they are, or could inadvertently be, out of your control. Whether it’s walking to or from school, outdoor play, bike riding, at an amusement park or just over at a friend’s house, this device will help you protect your child.  Small enough to fit in a backpack, a purse or clip on their belt, it allows you, their parent, to know where they are any time.  It even has a Panic Button that your child can press that automatically sends the parent a message via text if the child thinks they are in danger.  In addition, the system can be set up to send a text message if the child does not stay within a pre-configured Safe Zone or designated local geographic area.   Read more below.  


According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, "A child goes missing every 40 seconds in America. Every year in the USA alone, approximately 800,000 children (younger than 18) go missing". Don't let your child become a statistic. Protect them in every way you can!


Help your small child to remain protected and safe!

You know that you cannot be with your child all the time, though you might wish to.  But you can keep track of wherever they are even if they don’t tell you.  You can provide them with protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our Micro Tracker while providing you with peace of mind.  Nothing to program.  Just turn it on and it’s ready for use.

Anytime/Anywhere, you will surely know where your child is!

 Know exactly where your child is at all times.  No matter whether they are outdoors playing in the neighborhood or riding on their bike to their friend’s house.  You’ll know the route they’re taking or if they’re in another person’s vehicle, how fast they’re moving.  Think how it will come in handy at amusement parks and vacation trips.

Yes! Parents have a state of the art, affordable technology to protect their children and provide needed peace of mind.

Panic Button – Know immediately when your child is threatened.

By pressing the Panic button, your child can immediately alert you whenever they feel in danger. You’ll receive a TEXT message instantly to your cell phone or multiple phones.  You’ll know that your child is scared!  


Transmits Instant Email Alerts or Texts

You’ll receive a message immediately via Email or Text when your child has exited a SAFE ZONE (Perimeter) or entered an Off Limits Zone that you have simply established on our Web Tracking Portal. You define the geographical boundaries or virtual perimeters (Safe Zones) around your neighborhood, your child’s school or any area you choose. This also includes establishing Off Limits Zones where you don’t want your child to roam. You’ll be alerted via email or text when the device signals that it is now outside the Safe Zone (Perimeter). You can set up the Safe Zones and Off Limit Zones on our online map by simply performing a little clicking and dragging.


It’s as small as a small beeper, can be carried everywhere and is water resistant.

The Micro Tracker is compact and very lightweight.  Fits easily in your child’s pocket, backpack, purse or belt.  It’s really small so it allows for endless possible uses.  It is also water resistant to protect against moisture.



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