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Do You Have Teen Drivers in Your Family?

Are you anxious when it comes to their safety? 

Are you concerned about their driving and where they are?

You finally have the ability to track in “real time”, your teenager’s driving habits, speed and location. Using state of the art technology, this easy to use and affordable device simply plugs into your teen’s car in five seconds. You’ll always have the ability to know when your teen has arrived safely wherever they drive.  No more nagging them to call or text you.  You’ll know the route they’ve taken as well as their current driving habits.  This device will keep track of instances of hard breaking, quick starts and even high RPMs.  You even have the choice in receiving notifications via email or text concerning their safe arrival and departure, excessive speeding, idling, etc. It’s simple, easy to use, state of the art technology. 

Main Advantages for Tracking Your Teen… 

  • Know that they have arrived safely at their destination.
  • Instruct and help them to make the right choices.
  • If you just “need to know” where they are.
  • If the way they drive makes you nervous.
  • If you want to know if they are speeding.
  • If you deserve putting your mind at rest.

  • “Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for young people ages 15 to 20 years of age.”     AAA Reports  
  • "It's not about catching them doing something wrong, it's about helping prevent them from making bad choices". High School Youth Pastor
  • "We have to do more to protect our kids". Ann Curry, The Today Show 


Track Your Teenage Driver

Have the ability to know “in real time”, their location, their speed, their route and even more.  You’ll be able to see where they are, just in case of the car's breakdown or even accident or theft. You simply plug this device into your teen’s vehicle and you’ll be able to immediately see their vehicle online using our web based user friendly system, with no need for additional software.  It’s that easy.

Peace of Mind for Parents

Put your mind at rest knowing that your teen has the freedom they want while you know what they’re doing when they’re out driving. While you are aware that you cannot always be with them, you now have the ability to know how they’re driving and to help educate them to make wiser choices on the road



You Can Get Immediate Email or Text Messages

You have the choice to receive immediate messages via email or text to alert you of their arrival or departure, speeding or other aspects of their driving. Using our Perimeters feature allows you to set up multiple “virtual map boundaries” or “zones”.  By clicking and dragging your mouse, you can create multiple Perimeters specifying local geographic areas including those “off limits” so that you can be alerted whenever your teen’s vehicle travels in and out of these areas.  Think of the peace of mind that this feature can provide as you now know that your teen has traveled safely and is on their way home.

Easy – Quick and Simple.  

Parents can finally have the ability to really know where their teen drivers are.  The system uses state of the art technology that is surprisingly affordable, in conjunction with any computer, pad device such as iPad or smartphone.  Nothing complicated.  Immediately you’ll see the vehicle’s readout on our secure web portal in real time.  No additional software or programming at all!     

The device works on any PC or Mac, pad device or smartphone.  You have a unique secure login to our website with access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Guide Your Teen Driver in Making Those Good Driving Choices

It’s tough being a parent.  We always want our children to make the best choices.  By now having the ability to track and see how they’re doing when they drive, we can help them learn to be better drivers.  And for building trust between parents and their teens, nothing beats really knowing than your teenage drivers are doing what they are supposed to be doing and making the right decisions.

Comment from a teen, "My folks really trust me which has helped me get more freedom because they know that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing"

Comment from a parent,  "it's all about educating our kids and helping keep them from making the wrong choices”.

Teens tend to drive better when their parents are in the car as they are motivated to make good choices, In a similar manner, this technology keeps you the parent “in the car” and in the loop so they are similarly motivated to act responsibly.  As parents, we must help our children develop good decision-making habits through guiding and teaching them how to be safe. Now you can do this, lower your stress, give them freedom and help protect them at the same time.


Reduced Insurance Rates

Did you know that when protecting your vehicle from theft with this state of the art device, it’s possible to reduce your teen’s auto insurance rates by helping in vehicle recovery?  Vehicle insurance coverage varies but you may be able to offset the cost of this device through insurance savings.  Contact your insurance company.


Vehicle Device Available in Three Configurations:

  • OBD Plug-n-Play device installs instantly to your OBD Port ("On Board Diagnostics") located directly under the vehicle dash on most vehicles manufactured after 1996. This configuration is designed for passenger cars and light-duty pick-ups. 
  • Wire In  device is an alternative hardwire configuration of the ODB Plug  and also installs just under the dash. This hardwired device is actually more concealable. If you are handy, you can install the device within about 20-30 minutes or get the device installed for $40-$50 at your local Best Buy store. This device works on all vehicles and also has the ability to use our optional engine disable relay which can be very useful in case of unauthorized use or theft.
  • Micro Tracker:  Self-Contained with its own battery or with the optional Micro Tracker Hardwire Power Kit.

Select your Vehicle Device Configuration: Each provides you with total 24/7 access to your online personal Web Tracking Portal when you sign up for monthly monitoring at just $29.95.


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