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Finally, a GPS device to protect senior citizens and those with dementia from situations such as simply wandering off or journeying beyond their comfort zone.  Track their location when they are on the move.  The device is also equipped with a Panic Button in case of perceived danger or emergency. They can simply press the Panic Button and multiple parties can immediately receive an emergency alert via text message that help is needed. Small enough to carry in your pocket, a purse or on a belt, it will actually tell you their actual location, including geographical route and speed via a text message should they have traveled beyond the designated perimeter or Safe Zone.  Whether driving or walking, this device can provide an extraordinary degree of protection to senior citizens, while also providing peace of mind for their loved ones or caregivers.     


"Most Dementia and Alzheimer's sufferers that wander get found within a mile and a half of their home. These wanderers are often on foot. Nevertheless, finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack.  ...someone suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia can wander off and become invisible".



Freedom to be Mobile and Safe 

The Micro GPS Tracking device provides senior citizens with the freedom to be mobile and safe.  It enable family and/or caregivers the ability to track the senior in real time and pinpoint their location accurately. You can even see the route taken as well as the speed of travel should they be traveling by vehicle.  If you are concerned about the possibility of wandering, their safety while driving or just making certain that they are just safe at home, this device is designed to provide that peace of mind.



Panic Button Sends instant email Alerts or texts


The Panic button, when pressed and held for 2-3 seconds, immediately sends instant Emergency Alerts via Text message to caregivers, neighbors or loved ones.  


This GPS Device works Anywhere


For your mobile elderly person, Micro GPS works virtually anywhere. Compared to radio frequency (RF) devices available today that operate only within a certain range of the "base unit", Micro GPS is designed specifically to track location when the senior citizen is on the move outside the home. This is critically important if the senior still drives, is picked up for transport or traveling. For a senior citizen with dementia or Alzheimer’s this device can track them instantly.  You can track changes in location every 1-minute or once an hour if the device has been motionless for a while and has gone into sleep mode.  Sleep mode extends battery life, but once there is the slightest motion, the 3 D Motion Sense wakes up the device and it begins reporting movement.  


Safe Zones are Tracked


The device sends a message via Email or Text, whenever the senior citizen leaves the pre-configured Safe Zone. You can keep track of their route from one location to the next.

You have the ability to configure these Zones ("Perimeters") in our Web Tracking Portal by simply clicking and dragging your mouse.


Very affordable and simple to use 


The Micro Tracker is affordable, simple to use, the size of a small beeper as well as water resistant.  Carry it in a pock, a purse, within luggage for travel or just on a belt. Micro Tracker goes anywhere and provides emergency alerts and location data anywhere.  


Track location on computers, smartphones and pad devices such as iPad


Micro Tracker can be easily viewed from any computer, smartphone or pad device with interenet capability. View the exact location, create perimeters online and receive Alerts if an Entry or Exit event occurs, track speed and routes taken.

Vehicle Tracking Options Available!  Install on any vehicle and provide real-time location updates every 1-Minute along with Alerts via email or text if the senior leaves the "Safe Zone" or Perimeter.


  • OBD Plug-n-Play device installs instantly to your OBD Port ("On Board Diagnostics") located directly under the vehicle dash on most vehicles manufactured after 1996. This configuration is designed for passenger cars and light-duty pick-ups. 
  • Wire In  device is an alternative hardwire configuration of the ODB Plug  and also installs just under the dash. This hardwired device is actually more concealable. If you are handy, you can install the device within about 20-30 minutes or get the device installed for $40-$50 at your local Best Buy store. This device works on all vehicles and also has the ability to use our optional engine disable relay which can be very useful in case of unauthorized use or theft.


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