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No Software, No Programming  

Track your rental vehicle fleet in real time and always know what’s important to you such as location, mileage, speed travel route, etc.  With our OBD Plug-n-Play model, you’ll also be able to know current fuel levels of any vehicle instantly. You can easily track check out and in times. The GPS TRACKING TRACKER Rental Car GPS Solution will help you to better control, maximize and manage your rental vehicle fleet.

Track and Secure your Rental Vehicle Fleet 

You can track the driving habits and speed of your vehicle renters.  Track if your rental vehicles have been subject to abuse.  You can also establish Immediate Alerts via email or text to notify you about speeding, RPMs, traveling beyond specified area, etc.  Track your rental vehicle fleet and even know the current location of specific one-way rental vehicles.  

Manage Vehicle Use to Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

gps tracking tracker can assist you in economically managing your vehicle rental fleet by providing real time information to improve efficiency and lower costs.  By having the ability to continuously monitor the current status of the fleet, our system provides you with the tools to effectively manage the fleet in the most profitable manner, helping reduce added capital expenditures.   



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