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The GPS Tracking software requires no installation and can be accessed from any PC, MAC, smartphone, tablet, or iPAD. Just select the type of device you are using in order to log in to our software.

 Phone Tracking


Once logged in, the GPS tracking software will display the battery life of the Micro GPS Tracker. This indicator will let you know if the Micro Tracker needs to be charged.


Battery Life


GPS Tracking Tracker allows the user to receive up to a one year history of the tracking device. The software will display the miles per hour as well as allow the user to designate any perimeters.


All Events Report


The GPS Tracking software will display an indicator dot on the map to let you know the current location of the GPS tracking device. 


Real Location


Reports may be provided that include a breadcrumb trail, excessive speeds, hard braking, motion detection, and more. Reports may be provided via text message and/or email.


Breadcrumb Trail


Satellite view will provide an aerial view of the location and allow you to see the actual buildings and bodies of water.


Zoom Out Satellite


Zoom in to be provided with an up close view of all the buildings and to better pinpoint the exact location of the tracking device.


Satellite Zoom In


Street view also available to provide a street level view of everything that is in the area.


Street View


GPS Tracking Tracker allows multiple devices to be tracked at once under one account. This makes it easy for the user to keep track of all his trackers without having to cycle through each and every one.


Fleet Tracking

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