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GPS Micro Tracker

The Micro Tracker is a portable GPS tracking device that is able to fit inside the palm of your hand. The device can be placed anywhere inside a vehicle, person, or asset. The Micro Tracker's battery lasts for two and a half weeks and is rechargeable. The Micro Tracker provides updates every minute. The device is water resistant and features a motion sensor as well.

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The Magnetic case is an additional accessory for the Micro Tracker (micro tracker not included).   

 Pelican Case


The case is used to hold the Micro Tracker and can be used to attach to any magnetic surface.

Pelican Case Side


The extended battery extends the battery life of the Micro Tracker to up to three months. 


Extended Battery


The extended battery also features a magnet on the bottom, which is used to attach to any magnetic surface.


Extended Battery Magnet

The hard wire power kit is an additional accessory that connects the micro tracker to any vehicle. The micro tracker hard wire kit will increase the versatility of the Micro Tracker.


Hard Wire Kit


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