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Maximize Fleet Management, Reduce Expenses, Increase Profitability


GPS Tracking Tracker is the perfect solution to more effectively manage fleets. Maximize fleet management with live data, receiving notifications of pick ups and drop offs, as well as receiving daily reports. GPS Tracking Tracker's fleet management system will reduce waste and expenses by providing vehicle information to limit costs. Know when a vehicle is idling too long, prevent speeding, and reduce gas spending. The fleet management system will also increase profitability by increasing route efficiency as well as on time performance.


Maximize Fleet Management

GPS Tracking Tracker is personalized to tailor to your needs. We understand that all fleets are different so GPS Tracking Tracker provides solutions that are tailor made for your business. We offer a variety of options for your business regardless of your expertise level. GPS Tracking Tracker provides several different GPS Trackers that can be used to better manage your fleet. Fleet management will allow offices to improve the operational structure by providing billing, dispatch, and communication platforms. Security and safety consultation services are available for the transportation industry, which are designed to reduce waste and maximize efficiency, which result in lower loss runs exposure and insurance premiums.



Automated Reports Using Easy to use Software 

The software uses an easy to use interface that can generate reports visually or provide tables of a fleet's activity. Reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly which will detail daily activity, work performance, pick ups and drop offs, and mileage. These reports can easily be imported to an excel file for easy viewing. Reports will be able to provide 24/7 live monitoring of a vehicle's location, drivers performance, activity, and status. 


Vital Alerts/Notifications  

Reports can be configured to notify you by text message or email of events such as excessive speeding, long idling, perimeter entry and exit, tow jobs - hitch, tow distance traveled, and more. Alerts are simple to configure and multiple alerts can be added to multiple contacts. 


Reduce Expenses

Reduce expenses by curtailing speeding, minimizing idling, and reducing fuel spending. Drivers over speeding is one of the major factors that cause accidents, losses, and increases insurance. The GPS Tracker will notify you 24/7 if any of your vehicles are speeding, which will allow you to reduce this factor. Engine idling accounts for 7%-13% of added fuel costs to operations. You can cut these fuel costs by knowing which employees are speeding as well as keeping the engine on while idle. This can result in 7%-13% reduction of all fuel spending.


Increase Profitability


GPS Tracking Tracker will increase on time travel and daily work performance providing your company with live information regarding the location of the vehicle, status, and minute updates. Using these minute updates you can increase route efficiency by providing details such as traveling speed, understanding drivers routing performance, and providing better navigation routes. Achieve higher satisfactory service from your clients by increasing routing and performance efficiency.



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