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Heavy Construction Equipment GPS Tracker | Heavy Construction Equipment GPS Locator

Track & Pinpoint the Location of Your Heavy Equipment and Construction Equipment 

Track and pinpoint the location of your heavy equipment and construction equipment with the GPS TRACKING TRACKER.  Besides helping reduce theft and improving recovery, this system provides you with the ability to maintain better control of your assets so they can be allocated in the most effective and profitable manner.  Whether it’s a backhoe or a front end loader, a large generator or cement mixer, your equipment is at risk if you can’t track their location.  You’ll know if a piece of equipment is where it should be or if it’s traveling.  GPS TRACKING TRACKER will provide you with ability to know in real time where each asset is or is not.  You’ll be able to know when a piece of equipment arrives at a job site and when or if it is moved. Improve asset management while deterring theft.  


Track and Locate both Unpowered or Powered Equipment

Always knowing where your equipment is, in real time, allows you to more effectively manage and schedule it without delay in the most profitable manner.   No more wondering where specific equipment might be when you can accurately see where they actually are simply by going online, anytime.  So no matter whether your equipment has a power source or not, GPS TRACKING TRACKER can help you track it.  We have the solution for you!  


If You’re into Heavy Equipment & Construction Equipment, here’s what the GPS TRACKING TRACKER can Mean to You 

  • Track billable hours in use
  • Know hours of employee equipment operation
  • Pinpoint exactly when someone turns the equipment ignition or or off 
  • Improve equipment safety 
  • Reduce theft  
  • In the event of theft, locate the equipment
  • GPS tracking may reduce insurance rates 
  • By setting Work Week/Hours of Use you can prevent unauthorized use
  • Immediate Alerts sent by Email or Text when you specify events such as movement, arrival, ignition, etc 
  • Improve dispatchers ability to allocate equipment through knowledge of equipment location 
  • Improve job site routing of equipment   
  • Improve accountability of equipment operator
  • Improve productivity of employees
  • Control fuel costs due to excess idling
  • Increase profits though improved control of company assets  



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