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Track, Find, & Secure Cargo Containers,

Truck Trailers, etc.

When shipping freight, GPS TRACKING TRACKER provides you the ability to track, find and secure your shipments so that you can easily and more profitably run your business.  Keeping track of your containers and trailers while in transit or in locations you hope are secure, our system can continuously provide you with the information you need as you need it.      You will know where you assets are and where they are not.  You will know when they are moved and when they arrive. Protect your assets and deter theft with GPS TRACKING TRACKER. 

Optimizing Asset Control 


Utilize your assets more effectively by tracking their location in real time. Improve your control by knowing where your assets are and where they should be.  Make the most of your assets by being able to allocate and route them more efficiently based upon always knowing where they are located. This real time knowledge can result in more revenue through increased operational efficiency and productivity as well as improving the potential for asset recovery in the event of theft.


Immediate Alert Messages Via Email or Text 

The system can be set so you’ll receive Immediate Alert Messages via Email or Text if specified events take place. You can create online perimeter zones or geographical boundaries for your assets. You will immediately receive alerts via Email or Text for perimeter violations such as if the asset leaves or re-enters a perimeter zone, or for as a result of a Panic emergency or changes related to power. 

Information at Your Fingertips Online Anytime  

Track any or all of your containers, trailers, etc instantly on your online personalized Web Tracking Portal.  Know where your assets are!  Information is available at your fingertips, online anytime on your PC, Mac, Smartphone and Pad Device such as iPad.    No programming or software needed.  It’s very user friendly. 



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