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Protect Your Artwork, Antiques, Jewelry, etc.

GPS TRACKING TRACKERS can help you protect your high value assets. We provide you with the ability to track and locate your high value assets no matter where they are. If you need to track something or simply need to keep tabs on its location from time to time, we can provide you with the right solution along with the peace of mind that your high value assets are safe and secure. Smaller than a credit card for multi-use functionality and available at an affordable price, our simple, easy to use, state-of-the-art technology needs no programming. 



Secure your high value assets    

You can protect your high value assets such as artwork, antiques, jewelry, boats, helicopters, automobiles, campers, heavy equipment, jet skis, ATVs, trailers, machinery, pets and just about anything else with our Micro Tracker High Value Asset Tracking Device. You’ll know where your high value assets are located at any moment in real time. You’ll receive immediate alerts via email or text if your high value assets are moved or tampered with including its speed and route if moved or stolen. 


Reusable and Moveable

Our Micro Tracker High Value Asset Tracking Device is reusable and moveable.  You can use it over and over again. You can track multiple devices representing multiple high value assets on your online personal Web Tracking Portal.  Keep track of all your high value assets all the time.  Track them on your PC, Mac, Smartphone and pad device such as iPad.  No programming and no software needed.

Receive Immediate Alerts via Email or Text  

You can create online perimeter zones or boundaries for your high value assets. You will immediately receive alerts via Email or Text for perimeter violations such as if the high value asset leaves or re-enters a perimeter zone, or as a result of a Panic emergency or changes related to power.


We have water-resistant High Value Asset Tracking Devices. 

You can drop this water-resistant device in hold of a jet ski or boat. It even contains a Panic Button, which will send a text reporting an emergency to one or more cell phones


Locate missing or stolen property

With our Micro Tracker High Value Asset Tracking Device, you can locate missing or stolen property because you’ll know where your high value assets are located. You can locate a missing shipment, lost luggage, a stolen purse or even that golf bag that didn’t seem to make it to your destination.  Attach the device to your motorcycle or to any high value asset and you’ll even know the route it’s taking how fast it’s traveling.  Include a Micro Tracker with your shipment of art, antiques or jewelry, and you will be able to track its location anywhere. No end to the possibilities.


Preserves battery life 

Our Micro Tracker come with the ability, when not detecting movement, to go into sleep mode to save battery power.  However, when its 3D Motion Sensor detects motion, it is wide-awake reporting its location, route, and speed every 1-minute.  An A/C battery charger is also included.   



Do you know where ALL your high value assets are?

Let GPS TRACKING TRACKER provide you with that ability!


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